Surya Media Services a professional corporation Specialized in providing comprehensive services for large-scale international exhibitions, meetings and events, connecting with services, bridging the overseas trade and International business. Surya Media Services (subsidiary by Kalistama Jaya Services) is the international exhibition/events services for more than 10 years. Kalistama Jaya Services was founded in 2002, and changing the new name "Surya Media Services". was founded in 2007. Surya Media Services contains multitudes of services for various important International exhibition/events from Asia, Australia, Europe, USA, North America, Latin America and Middle East, South Africa, etc.

Base on the level of Global business services. Surya Media Services have corporate with top Indonesia Government agencies, Indonesia association of industry and local companies in the region.

Surya Media Services organizes or assist more than 100 marketing exhibitions every year and service as the official Indonesia marketing representative

To be the leader company which open up new horizons by servicing to Indonesia companies in the international organizations with our experience and perfectionist concept in the industries

The goal of our company is to contribute to Indonesia Companies in their globalization and branding processes by presenting extensive, creative, innovative and high caliber services in the presentation of our customer's


  • To support vendors to expand business in foreign countries an growing markets in the world
  • To helpful foreign organization and Foreign companies to develop our enterprises
  • To link relevancy International enterprises with Indonesia business
  • To serve to achieve true business relationship